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Personal Background • • •

I was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and raised in a mining family. I received my BS degree in Geology from the University of California, Davis, and MS and PhD degrees in the Ore Deposits and Exploration Program, Department of Applied Earth Sciences, Stanford University.

Immediately prior to joining the faculty at the University of Arizona, I was an entrepreneur as Vice President Business Development for Specialty Product Systems. My earlier positions in industry included being an exploration geologist with WestGold and Chevron Resources, Chief Mine Geologist in the Robinson district for Magma Copper Company, Chief Geologist of Magma Copper Company, and Vice President Mineral Resources for BHP Copper. Especially in the latter two roles, I traveled extensively worldwide, including to Mexico, Peru, Chile, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Mongolia.

Date and place of birth: 28 April 1955, Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA.

Raised in: Silicon Valley region of California and also lived as a child in New Mexico and Florida, USA, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Extended family: Currently live in Georgia, Texas, California, and Washington.

Travel: Mainly Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, and USA but including Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Sports (participant): Baseball, but only in harmless workouts (I especially enjoy pitching; favorite pitches that I attempt to throw are fastball, cut fastball, forkball, screwball, overhand curveball, and knuckleball); jogging, swimming, hiking; formerly basketball and football

Sports (spectator): Professional baseball (fan of San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks), college basketball (fan of Arizona Wildcats and Stanford Cardinal), national and international politics, and football.

Hobbies: Photography of scenery, geology, and basketball hoops of the world; former collector of stamps, especially from US, Great Britain, and British Commonwealth in Europe, America, and Oceania


Ph. D., Ore Deposits and Exploration Program, Department of Applied Earth Sciences, Stanford University, 1987.

M. S., Ore Deposits and Exploration Program, Department of Applied Earth Sciences, Stanford University, 1981.

B. S., Geology, Highest Honors, University of California at Davis, 1977.

Professional Experience

University of Arizona: Associate Professor, Lowell Chair in Economic Geology, Department of Geosciences; Courtesy Appointment, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, 1/02-Present.

Specialty Product Systems: Co-founder and Vice President Business Development, Tucson, Arizona, 9/99-1/02.

BHP Minerals: Manager Resource Technology, BHP Minerals Development, Tucson, Arizona, 2/99-8/99.

BHP Copper: Vice President Mineral Resources, Tucson, Arizona, 4/96-2/99.

Magma Copper: Chief Geologist, Tucson, Arizona, 2/95-3/96; Chief Mine Geologist, Robinson Project, Ruth, Nevada, 1/92-1/95, and Staff Geologist, Robinson Project, Ruth, Nevada, 4/91-1/92.

WestGold: Senior Geologist, Reno, Nevada, 1/90-2/91.

Chevron Resources: Geologist, Reno, Nevada, 9/87-12/89.

Inspiration Mines: Geologic consultant, Claypool, Arizona, 1/86

Noranda: Geologist (temporary), Reno, Nevada, 6/83-9/83.

Climax Molybdenum: Geologic consultant to Geology Department, Western Operations, Golden, Colorado, based at Henderson mine, Empire, Colorado 4/82-9/82.

Climax Molybdenum: Geology Department, Western Operations, Golden, Colorado, as Geologist, Henderson mine, Empire, Colorado, 6/81-9/81.

Noranda: Geologist (temporary), Reno, Nevada, 5/80-9/80, 3/79-12/79.

Anaconda: Geologic consultant, Reno, Nevada, based in Tonopah, Nevada, 7/78-9/78.

Noranda: Assistant geologist (temporary), Reno, Nevada, 6/77-9/77.

Agricultural and Industrial Minerals: Geologic field assistant and laboratory assistant, San Carlos, California, 6/74-9/74, 6/75-7/75, 8/76-9/76.

Ducking through the door of a ger, Oyu Tolgoi camp, Mongolia
My home in Tucson
Field trip to Oyu Tolgoi, Gobi desert, Mongolia
Slam dunk on island of Luzon, Philippines, 1996 (black ball near waist)
Stanford Professor Marco Einaudi with some of his former students at a reunion party in Tucson: Tim Marsh, Kurt Friehauf, Marco Einaudi, Eric Seedorff, Scott Manske, Mark Sander
Glen Zinn, Eric Seedorff, and John Pio, founders of Specialty Product Systems, photographed after a business meeting in Phoenix
Aerial view in 1993 across the Robinson district, eastern Nevada, looking west
Street sign in Superior, Arizona
Phil Gans, Eric Seedorff, and Larry Lackey with helicopter, molybdenum exploration program in eastern Nevada with Noranda in 1979
Professional Service

Society of Economic Geologists: Councilor, April 1998-March 2001; Mentoring Committee, 2003-present; Ad Hoc Committee on Mentoring, 2003, Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Scope, Balance and Mix of SEG Publications , 2003; Strategic Planning Meeting participant, 2003; Program Chair Panel, 2001-2002; Nominating Committee, 2001 (chair); Ad Hoc Committee on Medals, 1998-1999; Ad Hoc Committee on Global Membership, 1998-1999; Ad Hoc Committee on Educational Issues, 1997-1998; Committee on Committees, 1995.

Many new Student Members with a few older Fellows, Society of Economic Geology booth at the Décimo Congreso Geólogico Chileno, Concepción, Chile, October 2003

Arizona Geological Society, President 2004; Chair of the Symposium Steering Committee for the Arizona Geological Society Symposium scheduled for Fall 2007: Ores and Orogenesis: Circum-Pacific Tectonics, Geologic Evolution, and Ore Deposits (May-September 2004).

Geological Society of Nevada: President 1991-1992; Vice President 1990-1991; Technical Program Committee for Symposium of April 1995, Geology and Ore Deposits of the American Cordillera; Program Committee for Symposium of April 1990, Geology and Ore Deposits of the Great Basin; Education Committee, 1990-1991

Economic Geology , Editorial Board (Associate Editor), 1995-2000.

Ore Geology Reviews , Editorial Board, 1995-1998.

Member of Industry Leadership Board, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering and invited speaker at ILB meeting of 1 May 2004, 17 Sept 2004.

Mineral Resources Research and Education for the 21st Century: A Plan for Cooperative Science in Arizona and Beyond, 11-13 December 2003, University of Arizona and U S. Geological Survey Center for Mineral Resources, Co-convener (with Mark D. Barton and Robert J. Kamilli) of a workshop that resulted in a white paper.

National Research Council Committee on Technologies for the Mining Industries, invited presentation in Denver, Colorado, "Technology in Exploration and Mine Geology," 15 June 2000.

Professional Affiliations

Society of Economic Geologists, Fellow.

Geological Society of America, Member.

Geological Association of Canada, Fellow.

American Geophysical Union, Member.

Mineralogical Society of America, Member.

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Fellow.

Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Member.

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) of AIME, Member.

Arizona Geological Society, Member.

Geological Society of Nevada, Member.

Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society, Member.

Northwest Mining Association, Member.

Mining Foundation of the Southwest, Voting Member.