Who am I?

My name is Rebekah Ann Wright. I just graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Geosciences and a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary biology. I have taken courses following the geology concentration with an emphasis in paleontology (see my cv, www.geo.arizona.edu/~rwright/cvn.html). My main interest is vertebrate paleontology. I have the so-called "sexy taxa" syndrome-I love dinosaurs. I am interested in evolutionary relationships between dinosaurs, birds and reptiles. This fall I will be taking a graduate level GIS class at the University.

I currently work for a tectonic petrologist, Dr. Mihai Ducea, in the UA geoscience department. I have worked with one of his graduate students preparing rocks for fission track dating. I am currently gathering data for a database that will contain data from xenolith localities throughout North America. Click Here for the current version of the database. I also maintain Dr. Ducea's webpage, www.geo.arizona.edu/tectonics/Ducea/.

I am also a member of SESS-The Society of Earth Science Students. I was secretary for the past two years and maintained the webpage last year. I am currently working with Jennifer Fimbres to create a junior education program. Visit the homepage at http://www.geo.arizona.edu/SESS.

My other main interest in life is colorguard. Colorguard is my creative outlet. I love to perform. I performed in colorguards/winterguards for 8 years. When I graduated high school I taught guard at Canyon Del Oro high school and then at Sabino high school in Tucson. The 2002 season I performed with Exaltation national winterguard from Tempe, AZ. I am now "aged-out" of winterguard so I will be teaching again. This fall I will be one of the colorguard instructors at Ironwood Ridge High School in Tucson.

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