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Members of University of Arizona's Field Camp 2001!

Summer 2002: I was in school all summer this year. Unfortunately, I have nothing interesting to report!

Summer 2001: The summer of 2001 was very busy for me. First, I went to University of Arizona's Field Camp for five weeks. This takes place in Utah, parts of Colorado and Nevada. It was very intense, but it was a lot of fun!

Then I came home and went to California to see friends of mine who work with Drum Corps, and attended the Concord and Stockton shows.

In late July I traveled back east to New York where I visited relatives. This was my fourth time driving back east, so it wasn't too terrible of a drive. We spent time at Keuka lake in upstate New York and in Fulton. One of the highlights was the trip home when we drove through Chicago and I finally saw SUE! It was so much fun. I have many Pictures that will appear on this site when it is completed.

Another set of pictures that I will add to this gallery are from my New York Trip last summer, 2000, when I took my second trip to New York City. I have some wonderful pictures of NY, and I feel I should share them with anyone who would like to see them. I know that many people were not able to see the city as it once was, and I want to take this opportunity to give anyone the chance to see some pictures of the that I have taken.

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