Research: Paleontology

My major research interests are evolution and extinction. I am particularly interested in Dinosaur, Bird and Reptile relationships and how they evolved. In the spring of 2002 I did research comparing dinosaur and birds brain sizes using the encephalization quotient. Click Here for my abstract. Click here for The Geodaze website containing my abstract. Geodaze is a student run conference in the Geoscience department at the U of A. I created a poster presentation of my research. This page will soon feature the contents of my poster presentation.

Due to my heavy class loads and work, I have been unable to continue with any research. However, I will be working on a project the fall of 2003 and I will put updates on this page. This page is still under constuction. Thank you for your patience!

Here is a power point file with the pieces of my poster. (I have not adjusted any fonts on the file, so I apologize if it is hard to read.)

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