Arizona Geochronology Center, Arizona Radiogenic Helium Dating Lab, and UofA Dept. of Geosciences

Element2 ICP-MS Lab
Founded August 2007

The Element2 HR-ICP-MS is a high-resolution (single-collector) inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer.
It's used for high-precision and -accuracy measurement of trace and major elements in a wide variety of natural materials. We make routine high precision measurements of U, Th, Sm, REE, Ca, and Zr for (U-Th)/He chronometry, and the instrument is also capable of analyzing a very broad range of trace and major elements in solutions and solids. Contact us with questions about using the E2.


Affiliated Geochronology Centers at the UofA:
The Arizona Laserchron Center
The Arizona Geochronology Center

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Last revised 18 April 2008