Allister Rees

Research: Earth and Life through Time, understanding global-scale changes in geography and climate, consequences for plant and animal life, interactions and feedbacks during the past 550 million years, and implications for the future.

Understanding global-scale changes of climate, geography and life across such vast time scales can only be achieved through interdisciplinary collaboration. I'm grateful to colleagues (including climate modelers, paleogeographers, geochemists, paleontologists) for their generosity. The resulting databases and tools are available via the GEON PaleoIntegration Project (PIP), which I coordinate. Read more about PIP here.

In addition to the teaching resources available for anyone via PIP, I've taught Paleontology (GEOS 308) and Geological Perspective (NATS 101) courses here at the University of Arizona.

You can contact me by email and see a recent CV here.


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