Paul Kapp, Professor

Geology, Tectonics, Wind

Department of Geosciences

1040 E 4th St Rm 208

Tucson, AZ 85721-0077












office: G-S  310

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My expertise lies in continental tectonics, regional geology, and structural-stratigraphic analysis. I pursue my interests through a combination of field research (months per year) and analytical research. In the field I conduct geologic and geomorphic mapping, determine the kinematics of major structures, and measure stratigraphic sections. In terms of the types of rocks I work on, I do not discriminate on the basis of age or lithology. I study rocks ranging from Precambrian to Quaternary and from high-grade gneisses to loess. My analytical research focuses primarily on quantifying timing and rates with geochronology and thermochronology. I collaborate with others to obtain whatever data are needed to address the questions at hand.

Research Interests

Tectonic evolution of Asia; emphasis on Himalaya-Tibet-Pamir

Cordilleran orogenic systems

Gneiss domes

Thrust and extensional systems and associated basins

Wind erosion, loess deposition, and wind-pattern variability in Asia, and globally, and interplays among wind erosion, topography, climate, and tectonics.

Development of wind-sculpted, linear bedrock terrain.


Faculty supervisor: Society of Earth Science Students