Dr. Mark Baker, Ph.D.


1/95 - Present - Senior Research Specialist / Lab Manager for the Ruiz Research Group in the Geosciences Department at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona.

B.S. Chemistry, Arizona State University, 12/86, summa cum laude.
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Arizona, 5/14/94.

Doctoral Dissertation Title:
Spatial and Spectroscopic Imaging for Chemical Analysis Utilizing Scientifically Operated Charge Transfer Device Array Detectors.

Doctoral Research Director: Dr. M. Bonner Denton

Current responsibilities include;
general laboratory and group research support,
maintenance and repair of analytical instrumentation and associated equipment,
development of chemical analysis techniques, and
instrumental training.

Research Related Pictures ...

Laser Sampling for Analysis by ICP-MS. This hole was made in oxygen free Cu with 200 pulses from a 20Hz 266nm Nd:YAG (9.09J lamp energy) Big Sky laser system.

Mosaic of Solid State CCD Imaging Detectors. Photo courtesy of Photometrics Ltd., Tucson, AZ.

Ablation Hole. 30 shots from a 266nm 20Hz Nd:YAG Big Sky laser system (9.09J lamp energy), into O2 free Cu vacuum gasket.

Laser Sampling with the Big Sky laser system.

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