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My name is Kim Tait, I'm a graduate student at the University of Arizona in the Geosciences Department. My supervisor is Dr. Robert Downs, who is a professor of mineralogy/crystallgraphy here at the University. Even though I go to school here, I spend a great deal of time at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

I am from Canada; I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but spent most of my life in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I went to the University of Manitoba for my BSc. and my Masters in Geology and worked with Dr. Frank Hawthorne. My BSc. honors thesis was entitled, "Rare amphiboles and associated minerals from the Kajlidongri and Tirodi manganese mines of Central India". I looked at two localities of rare amphiboles with XRD and EMPA, and even discovered a new mineral, dellaventuraite from this research. My MSc. was entitled, "The crystal chemistry of the alluaudite-group minerals". I looked at a group of phosphates and arsenates called the alluaudite-group minerals which are usually found in granitic pegmatites, but has also been found in scoria and volcanic fumaroles.

My PhD thesis is entitled, "Investigations into the stability, morphology and the crystal structure of the coexistence of structure I and structure II methane-ethane clathrate hydrates- occurrence and geological implications". I'm looking at clathrates (gas hydrates), which are cage-like structures formed out of ice, which have a guest molecule inside. I'm interested in the crystal structure of the clathrates as a function of pressure and varying compositions.

Besides research, I love to play, watch, ref, coach hockey. In Los Alamos I coached the ATOMS, an initiation program for kids 3-12 to come out and learn to skate and learn the basics of hockey. This year I played on the U of A Icers, a club team here at the University of Arizona. That is over now, but I am the captain of the intramural Geology floor hockey team, which is (so far) undefeated.

Hopefully this gives you an idea about who I am, what I do, if not, check out my links and/or email me!

Me-University of Manitoba field trip, Badlands, South Dakota