Transfer Students

Three undergraduate students sitting in the field with notebooksASEMs assists in furthering the development of skill sets important in STEM, e.g. how to study in STEM courses, finding research opportunities, how to learn from STEM materials, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, scientific literacy, and interdisciplinary communication. You will also receive mentoring and coaching for success in STEM through faculty, staff, and peer mentors. More information about this program, as well as the application process,can be found here:

A group of students and an instructor on a GeoPathways field trip.Geopathways is a Geosciences-specific partnership with ASEMs and Pima Community College to recruit, mentor and provide paid internships for transfer students from two-year colleges in Arizona. This program is available to Geosciences Transfer students who are motivated, engaged and interested in academic and career success.

If you are a recently admitted transfer student at the University of Arizona, you must do the following:

  1. meet with a Geosciences advisor to get your transfer credit evaluated and learn more about the Geosciences Undergraduate Program:
  2. finish your Nextsteps at
  3. submit your immunization forms to campus health (this is listed in your nextsteps center), so that you are able to register for classes:
  4. take appropriate placement tests in your Next Steps Center (also in nextsteps)
  5. submit transfer equivalency request for these course areas:




For more resources specific to incoming transfer students, please visit Admissions’ Transfer Student Page: