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Reflection Seismology Program

GEOS 434A/534A



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GEOS 534A/434A: Introduction to Exploration Seismology

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Fall Semester, 2006

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Planning a career related to Earth science?

     At some point in your career, you almost certainly will work with seismic reflection or refraction data.  Seismic exploration techniques are the most commonly used geophysical tools to analyze the subsurface and usually provide (by far) the best resolution of subsurface velocity structure of any of the geophysical techniques.

      This upper division undergraduate / graduate course is a quantitative and practical introduction to the principles and techniques of seismic exploration applied to problems of natural-resource exploration, engineering, groundwater exploration, and crustal structure.

    Many companies that interview for earth-science positions, both for summer internships and permanent employment, prefer students with some background in seismic exploration fundamentals.  You can help to make your resume stand out from the crowd by taking Exploration Seismology!

NOTE: Although they have very similar titles, "GEOS 432/532: Introduction to Seismology" and "GEOS 434A/534A: Introduction to Exploration Seismology" deal with quite different aspects of seismology and are not interchangeable.  GEOS 434A/534A deals with the use of seismic reflection techniques as tools to understand subsurface geologic structure, stratigraphy and tectonics.  GEOS 432/532 deals with earthquakes, global seismology and global tectonics.

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Time: MWF 1:00-1:50 PM (Tentative - check schedule for correct time and location.)

Instructor: Dr. Roy A. Johnson, Office: GS 556; Phone: 621-4890;
email: johnson@geo.Arizona.EDU

Text: Sheriff, R.E., and Geldart, L.P., Exploration Seismology, (2nd Edition). Course text will be supplemented by material from other texts, technical journals, and handouts.

Field Exercise: A field project to collect seismic reflection data near Tucson may be scheduled, and opportunities for independent study will be possible.