Past Colloquium Series

Geosciences Colloquium Series 2014-2015

Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Haury Building, Room 129
Schedule is subject to change.

Organized by Richard Bennett and Jianjun Yin

Refreshments will be served at 3:30 in the Gould Simpson lobby.

Date Speaker Title Host
August 28 Karl Flessa, University of Arizona

A landscape-scale experiment: The pulse flow to the Colorado River Delta

September 4

Stuart Thomson, University of Arizona

The shaping of Antarctica’s hidden subglacial landscape Bennett/Yin
September 11 Phil Stokes, University of Arizona Science at 9157': how the UA Sky School can help with your research and outreach needs Bennett
September 18 Jonathan Overpeck, University of Arizona Megadrought: geological perspectives and implications for the future Bennett/Yin
September 25 Ryan Porter, Northern Arizona University. Thank you to BP for sponsoring this talk. Insights into the Tectonic Evolution of the Great Basin from Seismic Imaging Bennett/Yin
October 2  Samantha Stevenson, NCAR
Tropical Pacific Climate Variability and Southwest US Drought over the Last Millennium Cole
October 9 Eric S. Hillemann, Carleton College Ice and Sun: Laurence McKinley Gould, Polar Explorer and UA Educator G. Davis
October 16 Christopher Campisano, Arizona State University Lucy and Later: Geological and Paleoenvironmental Research in the Hadar and Ledi-Geraru Regions of Ethiopia Cohen
October 23 Jessica Tierney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Past and future climate change in Africa: A molecular perspective Cohen
October 27
(Note Monday date)

Stephen Griffies, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Elements of Sea Level in a Changing Climate Yin
October 30

Larry Archibald, ConocoPhillips
2014 Geosciences Outstanding Alumnus

Oil and gas exploration….fun, rewarding, constantly changing and NOT what I expected Richardson
November 6 Timothy Rowe, UT Austin Forensic Paleontology:  Forgeries, Fraud and Scandal Flessa
November 13 Phil Pearthree, Arizona Geological Survey Water influx, sediment supply and changing base level: Implications for the early Pliocene development of the lower Colorado River Bennett/Yin
November 20 Christy Till, School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE), Arizona State University. Thank you to BP for sponsoring this talk. Quantifying Time Scales of Magma Evolution at Yellowstone Caldera Ganguly
November 27 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving    
December 4 Lee Allison, Arizona Geological Survey Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure: EarthCube and Beyond Bennett/Yin
December 11 Alexis Licht, University of Arizona Constraining the early history of the Asian monsoons: insights from the geological record of China and Burma Quade
January 29

Sophie Lewis, The Australian National University and ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science

Climate change and Australia's recent extreme heat. 
This is a joint Geosciences-Atmospheric Sciences colloquium talk. 

February 5 Ryan Ewing, Texas A&M Insights into icehouses from the aeolian sedimentary record Pelletier
February 9 (Note Monday date) Diego Melgar, University of California, Berkeley Tsunami inundation prediction with kinematic earthquake source models. Bennett
February 12 Robert Biek, Utah Geological Survey Utah's Markagunt Gravity Slide--It's bigger than Rhode Island G. Davis
Februrary 19 Christopher Hamilton, LPL, University of Arizona Terrestrial Analogs for Planetary Volcanism Pelletier
February 23 (Note Monday date) Manoochehr Shirzaei, Arizona State University On the importance of time-dependent monitoring and modeling of the aseismic faulting processes Bennett
February 26 NO TALK SCHEDULED    
March 2 (Note Monday date) Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico Investigating Mt. St. Helens seismicity and magma plumbing with modern exploration industry seismometers Beck
March 5  Adrian Borsa, Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Thank you to BP for sponsoring this talk.

Characterizing the current western USA drought and the longer-term hydrological cycle using surface loading from continuous GPS

March 12 Rebecca Bendick, University of Montana. Thank you to BP for sponsoring this talk. Constraints on tectonic dynamics, continental mechanics, and surface processes from GPS  
March 19 Spring Break (No Colloquium)    
March 26 Heather Ford, Yale University Unexpected discontinuities: Using Sp receiver functions to better understand the evolution of the continents Beck
March 30 (Note Monday date) Hejun Zhu, University of Texas, Austin Seismic structure of the European continent — wavespeeds, attenuation and anisotropy Johnson
April 7 (Note Tuesday date,  time and location) Ray Leonard, President and CEO, Hyperdynamics Corporation & Visiting AAPG Lecturer for Eastern Europe and Russia for 2015. Thank you to BP for sponsoring this talk.

The Changing World of Natural Gas (2015-2013) Gould-Simpson 209, 3:30 pm.

April 9 GeoDaze (No Colloquium)    
April 30 Julia Cole, University of Arizona The role of the Pacific in the ups and downs of global warming: clues from corals Yin/Bennett
May 1 (Note Friday date, time and location) Michael Dinniman, Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, Old Dominion University Ocean Melting of Antarctic ice shelves: Why do we care and the tricky business of modeling out how it might change    
1:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 203     
Thursdays, 4:00—5:00 PM, Haury Building, Room 129
(unless noted otherwise)