CA-SDI-6010, San Diego Co., California. Davis, O.K., 1991.
Tilia II ASCII file sdi6010.txt

Davis, O.K. 1991.
Pollen analysis of CA-SDI-6010, San Diego Co., California. Report to
Rein Vanderpot, Statistical Research, Inc., Tucson, Arizona. 11 p.

The pollen percentages, dominated by Other Compositae (sunflower family) pollen are sufficiently similar to the modern analog sample to indicate relatively minor environmental change. The greatest difference can be explained by a transition in the weed flora from dominance by Liguliflorae in the archeological samples, to prominence of Chenopodiaceae-Amaranthus, Gramineae, and Cruciferae in the modern analogs. The overall similarity of the archeological samples to the modern analog provides no clearcut indications of ethnographic utilization of the features.