Prado CA-RIV-2804 archeological samples. Davis, O.K., 1994.
Tilia II ASCII file pradocor.txt

Davis, O.K. 1994.
Pollen analysis of Prado, CA-RIV-2804, Riverside Co., California archeological samples.
Report submitted to Don Grenda Statistical Research, Inc. Redlands, California. 6 p.

The pollen percentages provide relatively little information regarding human activities in Site CA-RIV-2804. The percentages are similar to those found in modern, disturbed settings. Although some of the pollen types include plants that were used by prehistoric Californians (e.g., sunflower and walnut), the percentages are no higher than background levels, and none of the types are diagnostic of human utilization. Human presence is indicated by the elevated percentages of mustard (weeds), and the presence of eucalyptus and storksbill (exotics), but the nature of human activity is not shown.