CAORA 1083, Orange Co., California. Davis, O.K., 1990.
Tilia II ASCII file caora270.txt

Davis, O.K. 1990.
Pollen analysis of archeological sites. pp. J1 - J37 IN de Barros, P. and Koerper, H.C. (editors) "Final test investigation report and request for determination of eligibility for 23 sites along the San Joaquin Hills transportation Corridor." Report by the Chambers Group, Inc., to Transportation Corridor Agencies, Costa Mesa, California.

Large rockshelter with shell midden. Approximately 150 m west of CA-Ora 1089 and 1091.

The pollen concentration is high and the percentages of deteriorated pollen are moderate in this unit excavated outside the rockshelter. With the exception of one grain of Erodium in the bottom sample, there is little evidence for mixing. Eucalyptus and Russian thistle (Salsola) pollen are limited to the 0 - 10 cm sample, and Sporormiella, Thecaphora increase above 40 cm placing the historic horizon (200 years ago) there.