CAORA 1083, Orange Co., California. Davis, O.K., 1990.
Tilia II ASCII file caora1083.txt

Pollen analysis of archeological sites. pp. J1 - J37 IN de Barros, P. and Koerper, H.C. (editors) "Final test investigation report and request for determination of eligibility for 23 sites along the San Joaquin Hills transportation Corridor." Report by the Chambers Group, Inc., to Transportation Corridor Agencies, Costa Mesa, California.

Small rockshelter with shell midden, prickly pear (Opuntia) abundant near mouth, stratigraphic integrity good. Twenty m south of CA-Ora-1082.

The pollen concentration is high and the preservation is good at this site, which is either young or very thoroughly mixed. The historic indicators ( Cruciferae, Erodium cf. cicutarium, Sporormiella, and Thecaphora are present to base of the sediment column. The restriction of ragweed (Ambrosia) pollen to the surface and Mirabilis pollen to the base indicates that mixing is not complete, if present at all.

Prickly pear (Opuntia) pollen is very abundant.