CA LAN 60, Los Angeles Co., California. Davis, O.K., 1994.
Tilia II ASCII file calan60.txt

The site is in eastern Los Angeles County (34 oN, 118 oW), ca 3 km east of the Ballona Lagoon. Nine samples were analyzed -- six samples from a shell midden in area C, test pit 1; two samples from the "West Keyway" colluvial slope immediately upslope from the shell midden; and two samples from backhoe trench #1 in a brackish water marsh immediately downslope from the shell midden.

Pollen preservation was fair to good (27% - 10% deteriorated) and the concentration was high for archeological samples (800 - 14,500 grains cm-3, Table 2). Concentration and deteriorated percentages are not correlated, so concentration may serve as an index of sediment accumulation. The concentration increases from the lowest sample to a maximum in sample 6 (106-116 cm) and decreases in sample 5 (86-96 cm), the uppermost sample analyzed. If the pollen accumulation rate was relatively constant throughout this interval, then the high concentration in sample 6 implies slower sediment matrix accumulation (e.g., reduced disturbance or eolian activity).