Bonita Creek Core, Orange Co., California. Davis, O.K., 1994.
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Davis, O.K. 1994.
Pollen analysis of two sediment profiles at Bonita Creek, Orange County, California, CA ORA-1295. Report submitted to Roger Mason, The Chambers Group, Irvine, CA. 18 p.

Routine pollen analysis was performed on a core and cut-bank samples of Bonita Creek, Orange Co., California, near site CA ORA-1295. The pollen of exotic plants (Eucalyptus) is present to the base of the Bonita Creek core, so it is entirely of Historic age. The age of the core and the cut-bank profiles overlap, and both record increased pollen percentages of Ambrosia (ragweed) and Cruciferae (mustard) during the historic period. Although the cut-bank samples span the occupation of CA ORA-1295, the pollen does not record any obvious indications of disturbance of the local vegetation during it occupation ca. 610+/-70 - 1010+/-70 yr B.P. The Bonita Creek profiles provide strong confirmation of the environmental record from nearby San Joaquin Marsh.