Valentí Rull Light Micrographs

Plates of modern palynomorphs of northern South America from publications by Valentí Rull.
  • Rull, V. Contribution to the pollen morphology of the Urticales in the Venezuelan Andes. Acta Botanica Venezuelica, 21(2): 43-73.
  • Rull, V. & Vegas-Vilarrúbia, T. 1999. Surface palynology of a small coastal basin from Venezuela and its potential paleoecological applications. Micropaleontology, 45(4): 365-393.
  • Rull, V. in prep. A key for the identification of pollen from Pantepui and the Gran Sabana (Venezuelan Guayana)

    This site also contains plates of Quaternary and Tertiary palynomorphs, and statocysts.

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