University of Arizona Catalog of
Internet Pollen and Spore Images


LM Light Microgaraph

SEM Scanning Electron Microgaraph

TEM Transmission Electron Microgaraph

The origin, on the Internet, of each micrograph is indicated after each plant name. Most of the illustrations come from the "ANU", "APMRU" and "Uppsala" sites.

  • "ANU"

    Geoff Hope
    Australian National University Pollen Database
    This searchable database includes taxonomic, morphologic, and ecological features for Geoff's entire collection. Most of the genera include several species that have several small (120x75 pixel) black-and-white images (though not all) per species. Some genera have more than one page. After the page loads, click on [SUBMIT] to display the information.

  • "APMRU"

    Gretchen Jones, Ester F. Wilson, John A. Martin, Kim D. Ostiguin.
    Pollen as indicators of source areas and foraging resources. APMRU Areawide Pest Management Research Unit, USDA, College Station, TX 77843-4232.
    This site has an extensive collection of black-and-white pollen light micrographs and scanning light micrographs. The light micrographs are arranged by family, with each page including thumbnail images, with a table of species names linked to larger (600x622 pixel) black-and-white images. The SEM's are plates from Jones et al. (1995) accompanied by a table giving the identification of each numbered micrograph
    Jones, Gretchen D., et al. 1995.
    Pollen of the Southeastern United States: With Emphasis on Melissopalynology and Entomology. The American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation.
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  • "Berkeley"

    Pollen Key for Selected Plants of the San Francisco Estuary Region (DRAFT)
    This site is on the University of California at Berkeley Server. It must be the work of Roger Byrne's Lab. Each pollen type has several ca. 256x156 pixel black-and-white images, the latin name, the common name, and some identification notes. All of the illustrations are linked to on one page, which takes a very long time to load; therefore, I have linked directly to the illustrations.
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  • "NSW"

    This extensive collection was developed by maintained by Stuart Pearson, Feli Hopf, Peter Shimeld, and others at the Pollen Laboratory of The University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia. The pollen database is now mirrored at the University of Arizona Geosciences Department Server. It includes a graphical interface as well as a list by family of several hundred pollen images scanned from transparencies taken by Prof. E.A. Colhoun, Dr M. MacPhail, Dr S.G. Pearson, F. Hopf, and P. Shimeld. Each image has a µm scale.
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  • "UofAz"

    These Scanning Electron Micrographs are provided with the permission of author Paul S. Martin and Don Pinkeva, Editor of the Journal of the Arizona - Nevada Academy of Science by Owen Davis. The were originally published in three papers
  • Martin, Paul S., and Drew, Charles M. 1969.
    Scanning electron photomicrographs of southwestern pollen grains. Journal Arizona Academy of Sciences 5 (3): 147 - 176.
  • Martin, Paul S., and Drew, Charles M. 1970.
    Additional scanning electron micrographs of southwestern pollen grains. Journal Arizona Academy of Sciences 6 (2): 140 - 161.
  • Solomon, A.M., King, J.E., Martin, P.S. and Thomas, J. 1973.
    Further scanning electron photomicrographs of southwestern pollen grains. Journal Arizona Academy of Sciences 8 (3): 135 - 157.
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  • "Uppsala"

    Keith Bennett
    Pollen catalogue of the British Isles
    and Simon Haberle
    Pollen of Southern Chile
    Quaternary Geological Data, Uppsala University
    The Uppsala site has two extensive collections of colored light micrographs. The "British Isles" links are to the description pages for the British Flora. Each page links to three images sizes. All pollen photos are taken at the same magnification, so standard scales of 10 µm divisions can be used to show the sizes for the 128x192, 256x384, and 512x768 pixel images. The "Chilean Flora" images do not have these key pages, so the links are directly to the large 512x768 images.
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