Labiatae Lamiaceae

Hyptis emoryi
Hyptis emoryi
©Barbara & Lorence Collins

Salvia dorii
UofAz 1490

Hyptis emoryi UofAz

Labiatae or Lamiaceae:
The pollen of mints is reticulate, and either tricolpate or stephanocolpate (hexacolpate). The reticulation is somewhat faint in light microscopy, and the lumina are distinctly patterned in SEM view. The muri of the reticulation is smooth.

The mints (Family Labiatae or Lamiaceae) includes over 6,500 species of herbs, shrubs, and trees of cosmopolitan distribution. The family is characterized by square stems and whorled inflorescences. The herbage is often covered with stout hairs, and is often aromatic, being rich in essential oils.

Pollen light micrograph:
Labiatae pollen grains range from 25 - 35 µm in long axis and are prolate to sub-speroidal. They are reticulate, and either tricolpate or hexacolpate. The furrows are generally straight and narrow, and in hexacolpate grains may be alternately shortened (see Hyptis emoryi SEM above). The muri are low and very smooth. The lumina are more uniform in size than (e.g.) Liliaceae.

Pollen scanning electron micrograph (SEM)
The floors of the lumina are micro (< 1µm) reticulate.

Production and Dispersal:
This insect pollinated family has low production and poor dispersal, but the plants are so widespread that a few grains appear in many samples.

Moderate. The walls appear to be thin.

Fossil Occurrence:
Quaternary - earlier record unknown.

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