Betula (Betulaceae)

Betula occidentalis female catkins
Tree Book, British Columbia

Betula nigra

Betula nigra

Trees and shrubs with round (2-5 cm) toothed leaves, generally smooth bark. Reproduction by papery female and male catkins, seeds winged 2 mm. Temperate to alpine, Northern Hemisphere.

Pollen light micrograph:
Pollen grains spherical - triangular 30 - 35 µm. Pores with chamber separating inner and outer walls (vestibulum).

Pollen scanning electron micrograph (SEM)
Surface scabrate to rugulate (consisting of linear elements).

Production and Dispersal:
Prolific producer with good dispersal.

Pollen well pererved.

Fossil Occurrence:
Cretaceous (Cenomanian Betula ajatensis Bolk.) becoming common in the Miocene (20 My)

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