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Arid Hunter Tasmania
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acacia dictyophleba acacia eriacea acacia heteroneura var. jutsonii
Acacia dictyophleba  Acacia eriacea  Acacia heteroneura var. jutsonii
acacia kempeana acacia tetragonophylla acacia sp (DJP4011)
Acacia kempeana  Acacia tetragonophylla Acacia sp (DJP4011)
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Hunter Valley
acacia binervata acacia falcata acacia linifolia acacia irrorata
 Acacia binervata  Acacia falcata  Acacia linifolia  Acacia irrorata
acacia stricta acacia suaveolens acacia terminalis acacia ulicifolia
Acacia stricta  Acacia suaveolens  Acacia terminalis  Acacia ulicifolia
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acacia dealbata acacia mearnsii
Acacia dealbata Acacia mearnsii
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La Trobe University
Acacia pycnantha Acacia paradoxa