The Newcastle Pollen Collection

Version 3.01, last updated on 23 July 2002

This database on the UofAz Department of Geosciences server mirrors the original Newcastle site,
and is posted with permission of Stuart Pearson 5/13/02.
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Identification of Unknown Grains

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This collection is available free-of-charge [on cd-rom] to all researchers and post-graduate students working with pollen. The cd-rom also contains larger images. Contact Stuart Peterson or Peter Shimeld.

We would also appreciate hearing from those who wish to utilise the images and/or materials contained within these web pages in other applications or publications.

This collection and web site were created and developed by Feli Hopf, Peter Shimeld and Stuart Pearson from the School of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Invaluable assistance was given by Kate Roy, David O'Brien and Warwick Dyson.

We greatly appreciate all of the feedback given by participants at the Southern Connection Congress 2000 (Lincoln University, New Zealand 17-22 January 2000) and the Quaternary Studies Meeting (Australian National University, Canberra 7-9 February 2000) where this work was presented.


Shimeld, P., Hopf, F. and Pearson, S. (2000) Pollen image management: the Newcastle digital collection initiative, Quaternary Australasia, 18, 13-15.

Shimeld, P., Hopf, F. and Pearson, S. (2001) Pollen Image Managament: Using Digital Images to Teach Recognition Skills and Build Reference Collections, CAL-laborate, UniServe Science, 6, 22-25.

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