Cranwellia Cretaceous Pollen

The Cranwell Award supports palynological research by graduate students working in the various aspects of palynology; including paleopalynology, aeropalynology, forensic palynology, melissopalynology, and pollination ecology. The award was established in 1983 by Lucy Cranwell and Watson Smith.

The Award can support most aspects of graduate student research, but is primarily intended to cover field expenses including travel and lodging. It may also be used to pay for radiometric dating, drafting, and computer time, but not for routine laboratory costs in the pollen laboratory, and certainly not for counting of pollen. It is not intended to cover publication costs or travel to present papers.

Since 1995, at least one recipient per year has been selected from the pool of applicants for the AASP Student Scholarship by the Head of the Cranwell Award Committee. A using the critera stated above, the recipient is selected from the top-ranked applicants judged by the AASP Awards Committee. No separate application form is required, other than that for the AASP Student Scholarship.

  • R. Scott Anderson: Dissertation Research. $300
  • David S. Shafer: Dissertation Research. $400
  • Patricia L. Fall: Dissertation Research. $260
  • 1984
  • R. Scott Anderson: Dissertation Research. $320
  • Faith L. Duncan: Dissertation Research. $320
  • Patricia L. Fall: Dissertation Research. $320
  • 1985
  • R. Scott Anderson: Dissertation Research. $450
  • Faith L. Duncan: Dissertation Research. $450
  • 1986
  • Faith L. Duncan: Pollen Analysis in Marin County, CA. $480.
  • David S. Shafer: Pollen Analysis in southern Utah. $480.
  • 1987
  • David S. Shafer: Pollen Analysis of Mt. Graham Cienegas. $500.
  • 1988   No Award
  • Jeanne De Lanois: A South-central Colorado Lake. $500
  • Andrea Freeman: Late Pleistocene Western Kentucky. $700
  • 1990   No Award
  • Steven C. Thoenes: Honey Bees and Wind-Pollinated Plants. $500
  • Wallace B. Woolfenden: Pollen Analysis of Inyo Mountains. $500
  • 1992
  • Cinthia Lindquist: Southern Chile and Argentian dung caves. $1000
  • 1993
  • Sara Richardson: Ecology and pollen use of nectar-robbing bees. $1000
  • Peter Van de Water: Isotope Analysis of the Siwaliks of Nepal. $1250
  • 1994   No Award
  • Amy Faivre: Evolution of the heterostylous syndrom, Rubiaceae $680.
  • 1996   No Award
  • Susan E. de Villers Palynology of Tertiary sediments from a paleochannel in Namaqulaland.$1000
  • 1998
  • Anne-Marie Tosolini: Biofacies analysis of Lower Cretaceous, non-marine, hydrocaron source rocks of the Strzelecki and Otway Gourps, Victoria. $1000
  • 1999
  • Nicholas Bader: Interpretation of Quaternary climate and vegetation change in the arid Southwest via a pollen analysis of Death Valley core DV93-1 $500
  • Caroline Davies: Paleoenvironments of the Jordan Plateau. $1000
  • Mirriam Mack: An 100 ka climate record based on fossil pollen from Badwater basin, Death Valley, California $500
  • 2000
  • Sarah Tiffin: Early to Late Miocene palynology of the New Jersey margin: Evidence from the Mid-Atlantic transect. $1000
  • 2001
  • Freea Itzstein-Davey: Proteaceae of southern Australia. $1500
  • 2002   No Award
  • Elizabeth Watson: Paleoecology of south San Francisco Bay tidal marshes. $1500

  • OKD 5/03