Furrows branched (Ephedra nevadensis type)
Ridges 5 to 9, furrows branched.

Ephedra viridis Cov., Ephedraceae
CN: Jointfir or Mormon Tea
SIZE: Polar axis 61 µm to 70 µm; equatorial 34 µm
RANGE: Southwest Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California.
NOTES: The grains have straight, smooth ridges with thin crests. The ridges are broad-triangular in cross section having a broad rounded crest about 3.5 µm Ephedra viridis may be indistinguishable from E. cloyeyi, E. coryi, and E. funera which are also found in southwestern United States.

Ephedra viridis Cov. Coll. Calif.; Ephedraceae.