The National Geological Data Center, NGDC, funded by NOAA, maintains and extensive database of geophysical data, available for free download. This includes a database of pollen data available in various formats, including tilia files.

To download the pollen data for this exercise point your browser at

This is an extensive site with many ways to obtain palynological data in various formats. For this exercise, we will download data by site name using the Pollen Search Engine option.

Simply enter the site name, example Harding Lake, and press "Start Search."

The results of your search will look something like this

Download the Tilia 2.0 file (click on it!) and save it to disk on your computer. Using PKZip or similar software, retreive the tilia ( .til) file from the zip file. (for example, from "Harding Lake ," retrieve "harding.til")
Transfer the tilia file (example "harding.til") to the directory containg the Tilia program.