Part one of this exercise is to be handed in next week. It requires basic understanding of pollen diagrams, and good computer skills. The exercise can be completed on the laboratory (G-S rm 332) computer, but almost all of it can be done on your personal computer, if you have internet access. Most of the exercises require a DOS or Windows computer. If you cannot use the computer to complete this exercise contact me immediately.

The assignment is to

There are 2 parts to this exercise. First, everyone should download and plot the same data for Harding Lake.
After this has been handed in, proceed with the following sites:

Site Name
George Wien Lake
Jennifer Pinecrest Lake
Charlotte Sherd Lake
John H. Swamp Lake
John L. Cedar Bog Lake
Christina Boriack Bog
Eric Potato Lake
Taku Crane Lake
Deborah Barrett Lake
Melissa San Joaquin Marsh
Kim Swamp Lake
Amy Posy Lake

OKD Oct. 28, 08