Palynology, Spring 2002

In this exercise, you use the proram CONISS to calculate the zone boundaries for the pollen diagrams you have plotted. The exercise requires familiarity with MS Windows, DOS programs, and good internet skills. If you cannot use the internet to complete this exercise contact me immediately.

The assignment is to modify the diagram you created
    1. Using TILIA create a file containing only the 'significant' pollen types (percentages).
    2. Using CONISS create a .dgr file for plotting in Tilia Graph, understand the options.
    2. Using TILIA GRAPH, add the .dgr you create to the diagram you originally plotted, and plot the new diagram.

1. Open a DOS window
2. Change to the Directory contain CONISS
3. At the command prompt enter 'CONISS' and the 'name' of the file you created.

4. Follow the options in CONISS

1. Run TILIA GRAPH and load the .tgf file you used in the Tilia Graph Exercise
2. Select '[L] Dendrogram' and load the .dgr file you created above

3. Using TILIA GRAPH, add zone lines to your diagram using '[H] Zones'

Based on:
Grimm, E.C. 1987.
CONISS: a fortran 77 program for stratigraphically constrained cluster analysis by the method of incremental sum of squares.
Computers & Geosciences 13: 13-35.

Additional Information is available from K.D. Bennett's Data-handling Methods for Quaternary microfossils