The details of palynological education world-wide are not known - neither the number of classes taught nor the level of instruction. It apparently ranges from brief mention in 1 lecture of an undergraduate class, to graduate level instruction on pollen morphology. There are many trained palynologists in academic institutions, more in geology than in any other field, but many of these academicians do not teach palynology-related courses, or they teach them infrequently.
The following is a list of institutions where palynology-related instruction is mentioned online. Wherever possible the course titles are listed, or graduate programs are named.
Only internet-available citations are included, but other courses surely are taught. For a more comprehensive list of North American palynologists at academic institituions see And, for a list of academic and other palynologists' web pages see

Since first posted in 1999, the number of palynology-related classes online has declined. Several are no longer listed, and I have found no new ones. It has declined from 37 to 33. The decline is actually greater due to recent retirements of faculty, "who are still on the books." One insitituion no longer permits off-site viewing of web sites.

This page is offered as part of a public dialog on palynological education at all levels. I will gladly list classes for which there is no internet documentation, if a class description or outline is provided to be posted. Please send all comments to Owen Davis 2/02.