The AASP Data Committee

- was created in 1988 to promote the exchange of palynological data and programs via electronic media. The committee now distributes 23 Palydisks that reflect the breadth of the science of palynology -- from archeological palynology to Paleozoic acritarachs.

Each Palydisks contains information that has been donated by AASP members and other palynologists. They are original material -- typically associated with publications in the AASP Journal Palynology. The Palydisks are distributed in zipped executable format (.exe) that can be used only on DOS and Windows computers. Download the file into an empty directory then click-on or RUN the .exe file. The Palydisks are placed in the "public domain" available for exchange, but with the understanding that explicit acknowledgement of the original author and AASP will be given by the user.

The AASP Data Committee solicits original works to be placed in the public domaine as Palydisks. Please contact Owen Davis for further information.

To download Palydisks go to the AASP Palydisk webpage.