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Nyanza Project Publications

Theses and Technical Reports

Based wholly/partly on Nyanza Project Data


Alin, S.R., 2001. "Calibration and interpretation of Holocene paleoecological records of diversity from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Ph.D. dissertation, University of Arizona, 234pp.

Baldwin, S.M., 2002. "The effect of meteorological events on chlorophyll-a concentrations," Hobart and William Smith Honors Thesis.

Bannister, K. 1999. "Compositional trends of clastic deltaic sediments and their relation to sedimentation and depositional processes (Luiche Delta, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa)." Whitman College, 25pp.

Bosch, K. 2004. "Gut content analyses of endemic crabs from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." MSc. thesis, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Callier, Viviane. 2006. "Geometric morphometric analysis of four species of endemic gastropods from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Senior honors thesis. Mt. Holyoke College.

Corman, J. 2005. "Upwelling links the pelagic and littoral zones of Lake Tanganyika. Cornell University," Senior honors thesis.

Felton, A. 2006. (in progress) "Elemental geochemistry analysis of a long core record from the Kalya Horst, Lake Tanganyika." University of Arizona, MSc. Thesis.

Fuller, Matt, 2006. "Benthic macroinvertebrate communities in tropical streams of forested and deforested catchments," Tanzania Thesis, Cornell University.

Gans, C., 2001. "Modeling Strike-Slip Faults: Numerical Study of a Transform Boundary Applied to the Hayward Fault, CA and Structural Study of a Rifting Margin, Kalya Ridge, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Senior Thesis, Pennsylvania State University.

Hinkley, K., (in prep, anticipated graduation Sept. 2006). "Biomimetics of gastropod shells – the mechanics of repair scaars in Nucella and Lavigeria." University Washington.

Kamermans, M., 2004. "Exploring feeding patterns of endemic crabs in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." MSc. thesis. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kennedy, D., "Chironomid taxonomy and ecology from Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika, with implications for paleoecology and climate reconstructions," University Arizona MSc thesis, 30pp.

Kingma, I., 2001.  "Life history variation in the Lavigeria gastropod species flock / GIS mapping of Lavigeria gastropod species distributions (2 projects)." University Amsterdam MSc.

Marijnissen, S., (Ph.D. in prep, anticipated graduation November 2006).  "Lake Tanganyika endemic crabs: Species diversity, ecology and conservation."  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands .

McIntyre, P.B., 2006. "Functional diversity of tropical freshwater fishes: species, community, and ecosystem perspectives."  Ph.D. diss., Cornell University

O’Reilly, C.M., 2001. "The effects of land use change on littoral zone dynamics of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Arizona, 144pp.

Papadopoulos, Leonard. 2005. "The challenge of homology in spiral and accretionary growth forms: examples from the use of shell spiral cords on gastropod systematics." MSc Thesis, University of Amsterdam, NL.

Pereira Pagarete, Antonio J. 2005.  "Phylogenetic relationships of endemic crabs from Lake Tanganyika: New mtDNA insights."  MSc Thesis, University of Amsterdam, NL.

Phifer, M., 2001. "The effect of armored characters on the resistance of Lavigeria nassa to crab predation." Independent study B.A. thesis, Duke University.

Pittiglio, S. 1998. "Comparative sedimentology, organic matter and pore water analysis of disturbed and undisturbed drainage basins of Lake Tanganyika." Senior Thesis Vassar College

Sako, A., (in progress). Arkansas State University.

Wagner, K., 2004. " Life History and Shell Morphological Variation in a Gastropod Species Flock from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Whitman College, Undergraduate Honors Thesis.

Wagner, K., (in progress). "Evolutionary genetics of Tanganyika cichlids and snails: the effects of habitat heterogeneity on substrate specific organisms." Cornell University Ph.D.

Wetter, L., (in progress). "Determination and analysis of various environmental magnetic properties from a lake bottom sediment core."  Senior Thesis U.C. Davis.


Technical Reports

Cohen, A.S., (ed), "The Nyanza Project Annual Report Series, 1998-2004," Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona. 

Michel, E. 2005. "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning of the Malagarasi-Moyvosi Wetlands, Western Tanzania."  For  National Geographic Society, Royal Geographical Society, NSF All Catfish Species Initiative  project reports.

Michel, E., 2005. "Logistical assistance provided to project:  Schistosomiasis in school children in villages along the Tanganyika shoreline," coordinated by Georgina Bough, Newcastle University, UK



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