Faculty Mentoring Program | Participation is easy!

A professor and a student look at maps in the field

  1. Choose a faculty mentor and contact them directly.
  2. Obtain a mentorship commitment.
  3. Notify your Academic Advisor with which faculty mentor you are working by completing this brief 2-3-minute survey: GEOS Faculty Mentor List Opt-In Survey.

Choosing a faculty mentor: Consider the following

  • Why are you interested in having a faculty mentor?
  • Choose a mentor based on your interest in a particular faculty member or a particular area within GEOS.
  • Is there a specific faculty member you are interested in getting to know better? Why? What about them or their expertise intrigues you? It’s okay if you are unsure.
  • Do you know what specific area of Geosciences you are interested in?
  • If you are unsure, take some time to research some of the areas within Geosciences (listed in parenthesis next to each faculty mentor name on the Participating Faculty Members page).
  • It’s okay if you are interested in a wide variety of areas or still don’t know what you are interested in.
  • Consider contacting one of the mentor participants listed as “Any."
  • Are you currently interested in or have you ever considered engaging in research? If so, plan to ask about the faculty member’s research and how they got started. Ask how research is currently conducted in their lab.
  • Ask about other opportunities (internships, preceptorships, opportunities to learn more about a particular field).
  • Do you have questions about careers your BS degree could lead to?

Email the faculty member

  • Keep the email brief, to the point, and use proper email etiquette. This is not a text!
  • Share a little bit of information about yourself and your academic career so far.
  • Briefly tell them why you are interested in having them as a mentor or why you are interested in their area of expertise.
  • If you are contacting one of the “Any” participants, ask them about their professional journey and how they choose their area of expertise.

Request a meeting

  • Request a meeting if you would like to meet with your mentor in-person to discuss all sorts of wonderful things!
  • Prepare some questions for your meeting.
  • Remember to take your list of questions with you to the meeting, and arrive early.

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