Andrew Cohen ⎮ East African Paleoclimate and Ecosystem History

For the past 30 years my students and I have been interested in reconstructing the history of East African climate and ecosystems through sediment cores taken from lake deposits. Initially we restricted our studies to the Quaternary, but increasingly we are becoming interested in even longer records extending back into the Neogene. Much of our work has been conducted at Lake Tanganyika (photo A) where we have looked at variability in complex ecosystems and the response of ecosystems to lake level and climate change during the Holocene (e.g. Alin and Cohen (2003)Alin and Cohen (2004)), and have studied high resolution, varved records to understand linkages between climate and lacustrine productivity (Cohen et al (2006)).

At Lake Malawi (photos B and C), my colleagues, students and I have been engaged over the past few years in a very exciting effort, the Lake Malawi Scientific Drilling Project. This drilling project recovered almost 700m of core in 2005, the longest of which (382m) provides a record of climate and environmental change for tropical Africa over the past 1.25 million years (Scholz et al., 2007; Cohen et al., 2007; Stone et al., 2011; Ivory et al., 2011).

Since 2006 I have been investigating the paleolimnological history of Lake Rukwa and its past hydrologic connections with Lake Tanganyika. This work was spurred by our interest in the presence of endemic Tanganyikan molluscs and crustaceans in the fossils of the Rukwa basin (photo D). (Cohen et al., in press 2013, Palaeogeog., Palaeoclim., Palaeoecol.)

Long term plans in my lab include extending the evolutionary ecological record of African lakes through additional drill core studies, potentially including Lake Tanganyika (Cohen et al., 2011.)

Key Recent Publications

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A. A storm over the Mahale Mountains at Lake Tanganyika.

B. The Lake Malawi Scientific Drilling Project Viphya Barge with the SEACORE drill
rig mounted in port at Lake Malawi. Note the large blue dynamic positioning
thruster engines mounted on the two forward corners of the barge.

C. Retrieving the hydraulic piston corer on the Viphya deck during
drilling at Lake Malawi.

D. With Hudson Nkotagu and two Tanzanian game rangers at Katavi National Park.
We have just located the point where paleolake Rukwa overspilled into the Lake
Tanganyika Basin during the Early Holocene. Water on the left today flows to
Lake Tanganyika, whereas water on the right flows to Lake Rukwa.