Meet our Titley Scholars: Sebastian Jimenez

Photo of Sebastian Jimenez with lake and mountains in backgroundDegree Program: PhD
The arid climate, high elevations, and low temperatures of my research site in the Central Andes of northern Chile have established the conditions for one of the most fascinating landscapes of the world. This region exposes a unique ecosystem in which different species coexist surrounded by lakes and volcanoes. It is amazing to find in your research site vicuñas, flamingos, and birds interacting under those conditions. 

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Please describe your research.
My research addresses the timing and mechanisms responsible for the surface uplift and arid climate of the central Andes in northern Chile. For that purpose, I apply a set of geochemical tools that includes stable isotopes, lipid biomarkers, and geochronology.

How did you become interested in geosciences?
Growing up in the eastern Andes of Colombia was the main thing that enforced my interest in geosciences. This region is characterized by its remarkable landscape, climate, vegetation, and fauna. Therefore, it was unavoidable for me being interested in the origin and processes that formed this mountain range.