2016-2017 MS, PSM and PhD Degrees Awarded

Drew W. Barkoff, MS 2017
Pressures of skarn mineralization at Casting Copper, NV, based on 6 apatite inclusions in garnet
Matthew Steele-MacInnis, advisor

Ching-Chih Chang, PhD 2016
Iodine-129 as an oceanic tracer
Timothy Jull, advisor

Kathleen Compton, PhD 2016
Climate driven glacial retreat, surface uplift, and the rheological structure of Iceland: insights from cGPS geodesy
Richard Bennett, advisor

Marie G. De los Santos, MS 2016
Stable isotopic evidence for paleoenvironmental change from soil carbonates in southern Arizona
Jay Quade, advisor

Jonathan R. Delph, PhD 2016
Crustal and upper mantle structure of the Anatolian plate: imaging the effects of subduction termination and continental collision with seismic techniques
Susan Beck and George Zandt, advisors

Victor H. Garcia MS, 2016
Thermochronology of sandstone-hosted secondary Fe- and Mn- oxides near Moab, Uah: Record of paleo-fluid flow along faults
Peter Reiners, advisor

Dakota R. Isaacs MS, 2016
Imaging lithospheric-scale structure of the central Andes using p-s receiver functions, 16°-25° S
Susan Beck, advisor

Dominik A. Kardell MS, 2016
Volume estimation of rift-related magmatic features using seismic interpretation and 3D inversion of gravity data on the Guinea Plateau, West Africa
Roy Johnson, advisor

Caleb King, PhD 2017
Igneous Petrology, Geochronology, Alteration, and Mineralization Associated with Eocene Hydrothermal Systems in the Battle Mountain District, Nevada
Mark Barton, advisor

Matthew Paul King, MS 2017
Temperature, fire history, and vegetation change over the last 600 years at north Bullberry Lake, Utah
Stephen Jackson, advisor

Barbara Lafuente Valverde, PhD 2016
Architecture of databases for mineralogy and astrobiology
Robert Downs, advisor

Andrew K. Laskowski, PhD 2016
Tectonic evolution of the Yarlung suture zone, Lopu Range and Lazi Regions, central southern Tibet
Paul Kapp, advisor

Alexandra S. Macho, PSM 2016
Geology and hydrothermal alteration of the warm springs pluton, Egan Range, White Pine county, Nevada
Mark Barton, advisor

Steven B. Malevich, PhD 2017
Cool-season moisture delivery and multi-basin streamflow anomalies in the western United States
Connie Woodhouse, advisor

Shaunna Morrison, 2017
Crystal chemistry of Martian minerals
Robert Downs, advisor

Emma V. Reed, MS 2016
Linking climate variability and coral growth in coral skeletal records from the Great Barrier Reef
Julia Cole, advisor

Philip J. Stokes, PhD 2016
Diversity in geoscience: critical incidents and factors affecting choice of major
Karl Flessa, advisor

Sarah Anne Truebe, PhD 2016
Past climate, modern caves, and future resource management in speleothem paleoclimatology
Julia Cole, advisor

Kevin Michael Ward, PhD 2016
Imaging the lithospheric structure of the central Andes from the joint inversion of multiple seismic data sets
Susan Beck and George Zandt, advisors

Matthew K. Wetzel, MS 2016
The Cukaru Peki Cu-Au-Mo system, Timok district, Serbia: mineralogy, zoning, and paragenesis
Mark Barton, advisor