Geosciences Field Camp Video

Thanks to alumnus Martin Pepper (PhD ’14), UA Geosciences can give prospective field camp students (and alumni who want to reminisce) an insider’s look at our field camp. Using a drone and a hand-held camera, Pepper and teaching assistant Simon Stickroth (current MS student) filmed the daily goings-on of Field Camp 2016, which was led by Professors Barbara Carrapa and Peter DeCelles and looked at the Western U.S. Sevier, Laramide and basin and range deformations.

Filmed and edited by Pepper, with Stickroth as a contributing cameraman and drone operator, the video follows students through all mapping exercises and experiences, capturing poignant moments to characterize the University of Arizona's geology field camp. 

Pepper received his Ph.D. in geochronology at the university of Arizona in 2014 at the UA under the guidance of Professor George Gehrels. He has been featured in a variety of science-based TV shows from geology content to DIY construction and myth busting. Drawing from time in front of the camera, Pepper now documents research projects and techniques around the world. Stickroth is finishing his MS in structural geology with advisors Pete DeCelles and Barbara Carrapa.

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