Computational Geoscience Center Hosts Short Course

Students smile for the camera in a classroom filled with computersProfessor Andy Cohen's Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project sponsored a four-day short course (Oct 7-10) in our Computational Geoscience Center. The course was taught by Dr. Martin Trauth, University of Potsdam, Germany and was an intensive introduction to statistical and data analysis, image processing and analysis from a geoscience perspective using MATLAB. Prof. Trauth is the author of “MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences."

A drawing of a room with desks  UA Geosciences' Computational Geoscience Center is a unique facility that brings together students, faculty and professionals in industry and government for training, teaching, and research using state-of-the-art platforms for computational methods applied to geodynamics, geophysics, and climate and ocean modeling.

We have begun an initiative to expand the center and build on our long traditions of industry collaboration, workshop and short-course programming for visiting scientists, and embedding computational methods into all levels of our students' education by upgrading our facilities.