Geosciences Advisory Board Education & Outreach Committee Activities

AIndergraduate students stand in a group to listen to a talk.s a part of the Department of Geosciences Advisory Board, the Geosciences Education & Outreach Committee works to provide outreach activities to University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff. Our mission is to share information about the Geological Sciences, Geoscience Department research and activities, and educational and career opportunities for students in Geosciences with the University community. The Committee provides a resource for students considering majoring in Geosciences. Students and others can learn about geology and have their questions answered at any of our events held, free of charge, throughout the year. This page provides a list of our upcoming and prior events:


Geosciences Education & Outreach Series Past Events


Natural Disasters: What We Know and What We Don't
Dr. Bruce Clark
November 16
5:00 pm
McClelland Park Room 105
Ice Cream Social Starts at 4:30 pm in the McClelland Park Lobby

Dr. Bruce Clark served for 17 years as President and CEO of Leighton and Associates, a Southern California-based consulting firm specializing in geological, seismic, and geotechnical hazards and their solutions. He is the current treasurer of the 27,000-member Geological Society of America and the chair of its Geology and Society Division.

Dr. Clark will talk generally about disasters but focus on earthquake and landslide hazards based on experience from his long career working with seismic hazards in California. His scientific research and its application to preparedness for use by local governments will provide insights to students interested in learning how being a geoscience major can translate research into work that can directly impact people’s safety and lives.

Standing and seated group listen to speaker.Opportunities in Climate and Earth Science are Heating up!

Dr. Joellen Russell, Associate Professor, University of Arizona Department of Geosciences

February 17, 2016

Dr. Joellen Russell is an 1885 Society Distinguished Scholar and an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona in the Department of Geosciences with a joint appointment in the Department of Planetary Science and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. In this talk, Dr. Russell spoke about current understanding about climate change and how scientists are using climate and earth system models to simulate the climate and carbon cycle of the past, the present and the future. 

OPEC’s Dilemma: The world oil cycles of 2003-2023

Ray Leonard, BS ’75 UA Geosciences, President and CEO, Hyperdynamics

March 29, 2016

Ray Leonard received his BS with Honors in Geosciences (75) from the University of Arizona, and MA in Geology (77) from the University of Texas-Austin.  He is President and CEO of Hyperdynamics, a company exploring for Oil and Gas in West Africa. In this talk, Mr. Leonard presented recent past cycles in world oil production and his outlook for oil production in the next eight years.  Click here for the slide presentation for this talk. 

Thank you to Hyperdynamics for sponsoring this event!

Ice Cream Social and Presentation by Geoscience Department Students

October 4, 2016

Talk with Geoscience students and hear about the interesting and exciting coursework and research they are doing.  This is a great opportunity to see what it’s like to be a Geoscience major. The following students will present:
Wyatt Bain (economic geology)
Daniel Favorito (economic geology)
Kathryn Metcalf (structural geology & tectonics)
Luke Parsons (paleoclimate & climate modelling)
Daniel Portner (global seismology & tectonics)

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