Geosciences Colloquium Series 2015-2016

Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Haury Building, Room 129
Schedule is subject to change.

Organized by Matthew Steele-MacInnis and Jessica Tierney

Refreshments will be served at 3:30 in the Gould-Simpson lobby.

Date Speaker Title Host
September 3   Kevin Anchukaitis, UA School of Geography and Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research High-resolution proxy insights into volcanism during the Common Era Peter Reiners
September 10 Steve Lingrey, University of Arizona Neogene Tectonic Development of the Western Transverse Ranges: Structural observations from the Santa Barbara Channel Paul Kapp
September 17 Nick McKay, Northern Arizona University The timing and amplitude of Holocene Neoglacial cooling in the Arctic Jessica Tierney
September 24 Arend Meijer The Pinal Schist: A paleoproterozoic forearc/subduction complex with evidence of a 1.65 Ga spreading ridge subduction event Eric Seedorff
October 1 Sarah Feakins, University of Southern California Plant wax biomarkers in the Andes-Amazon: Signals of elevation, ecology and hydrology Jessica Tierney
October 8 Rosario Esposito, University of California Los Angeles Volatile Concentrations of Silicate Melt Inclusions: Instruction for Use Matthew Steele-MacInnis
October 15

Steve Marshak, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2015 Geosciences Distinguished Alumnus

Tectonics of North America's Cratonic Platform George Davis
October 22 Kyle Ashley, University of Texas, Austin Inclusion Thermobarometry: An Elastic Approach to Mineral Growth Matthew Steele-MacInnis
October 29  Julien Emile-Geay, University of Southern California Climate Dynamics Lab Holocene constraints on simulated tropical Pacific climate Jessica Tierney
November 5 NO COLLOQUIUM - GSA Meeting    
November 9 Erin Wirth, University of Washington Interrogating Structure, Dynamics, and Hazard in Subduction Zones. Please note Monday date and different location: McClelland Park Building, #103 Susan Beck
November 12 Robert Porritt, University of Southern California

Dynamic North America

Peter DeCelles
November 16 Eric Kiser, Harvard University Imaging earthquake sources with large seismic arrays: from megathrust events to hidden aftershocks. Please note Monday date and different location: McClelland Park Building, #103 Roy Johnson
November 19 Caroline Eakin, University of Southampton Connecting the surface to the deep: Subduction dynamics and the evolution of Amazonia George Gehrels
November 26 NO COLLOQUIUM - Thanksgiving    
November 30 Scott Burdick, University of Maryland North America’s slabs, plumes, rifts, and roots: a probabilistic perspective. Please note Monday date and different location. McClelland Park Building, #103 Richard Bennett
December 3 Kathleen Johnson, University of California Irvine A multi-proxy speleothem record of Southeast Asian Monsoon variability since 45 ka Jessica Tierney
December 7  Brian Yanites, University of Idaho. Topography as a nexus in the Earth system. Please note Monday date and different location. ENR2 Room S107 Victor Baker
January 19 Luke McGuire, USGS What gives? Unraveling the runoff to debris flow transition. Please note Tuesday date and different location. ENR2 Room S107  
January 21 Arya Udry, University of Nevada Las Vegas Sampling the martian surface in the meteorite NWA 7034 “Black Beauty" breccia Matthew Steele-MacInnis
January 25

Kristin Sweeney, Mendenhall Postdoc, USGS Volcano Hazards Observatory

The morphodynamics of eroding landscapes: insights from topographic analysis and analog experiments. Please note Monday date and different location. ENR2 Room S107  
January 28 Amanda Hughes, Chevron Energy Technology Company, Earth Sciences Department, Houston, TX Discrete element modeling: enabling the integration of kinematic and mechanical descriptions of structural evolution. Peter Reiners
February 1 Nicole Gasparini, Tulane University Diagnosing climatic and tectonic controls on topography: Best practices and application to the Northern Bolivian Andes. Please note Monday date and different location. ENR2 Room S107  
February 4 Rebecca Flowers, University of Colorado, Boulder 
2015-2016 Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer
Just how stable are you? Relationships between cratonic surface histories, kimberlites, and mantle dynamics Matthew Steele-MacInnis
Feburary 8 Valerie Trouet, UA Laboratory for Tree-Ring Research. Tree-ring based reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere Jetstream variability and its ecosystem impacts. Please note Monday date and time and different location. Gould-Simpson, Room 203. 12:00 pm.  
February 11 Michael Ramsey, University of Pittsburgh Thermal infrared technology development: Building a NASA Earth mission concept  
February 12 Wally Broecker, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Causes and Consequences of the Short-Lived 5°C PETM Warming. Please note Friday date, time and different location: ENR2 Room S210, 12:00 pm.  
February 15

Mike Jackson, National Science Foundation

From Slip-Rates to SeismoGeodesy. Please note Monday date and different location. Saguaro 202
February 16 Liviu Giosan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution New Perspectives on the Indian Monsoon from Paleogene to Holocene. Please note Tuesday date and different time and location. Gould-Simpson 213. 12:00 pm. Mihai Ducea
February 18 John Kemeny, University of Arizona, Mining & Geological Engineering Research in Rock Fractures and Fracturing at the University of Arizona  
February 22 Jingyi Chen, Stanford University Using spaceborne imaging radar to characterize groundwater levels and aquifer properties. Please note Monday date  and location. ENR2 S107  
February 25 Jennifer Haase, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California – San Diego Moving towards operational airborne GNSS radio occultation for weather prediction. Please note different time and location. 3:00 pm ENR2 S107  
February 25

Reed Burgette, New Mexico State University
2015-2016 Earthscope Speaker

Ups and downs of the U.S. West Coast: Implications of eight decades of vertical deformation measurements for seismic hazards and sea level impacts Kevin M. Ward
February 29 Adrian Borsa, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California – San Diego Continuous GPS observations of crustal loading from hydrometeorological events on the scale of storms to drought. Please note Monday date and different location. ENR2 Room S107  
March 3 Marjorie Chan, University of Utah

Sedimentology Frontiers from Earth to Mars: Dunes, Deformation, and Diagenesis

Isabel Barton
March 7 Chris Harig, Princeton University Measuring ice mass loss from melting ice sheets. Please note Monday date and different location. ENR2 Room S107  
March 10 Tamlin Pavelsky, University of North Carolina Developing New Satellite Missions to Measure Earth's Rivers, Lakes, and Wetlands. Please note different location and time. ENR2 S215 3:00 pm  
March 10 Alberto Reyes, University of Alberta Diamond mines, Arctic forests, and Eocene polar amplification under modest greenhouse gas forcing. Please note different location . ENR2 S215 4:00 pm  
March 17 NO COLLOQUIUM - Spring Break    
March 24 Isabel Barton, UA Lowell Institute for Mining Resources The Prehistory of Mineralogy  
March 31 NO COLLOQUIUM - GeoDaze    
April 7 NO COLLOQUIUM - ConocoPhillips Field Trip to Utah    
April 14 Liz Hajek, Penn State University DIY Landscapes: Challenges and opportunities of autogenic dynamics in sedimentary systems Barbara Carrapa
April 21 Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Arizona State University Volcanoes and the Great Dying: The End-Permian Extinction Peter Reiners
Thursdays, 4:00—5:00 PM, Haury Building, Room 129
(unless noted otherwise)