2015-2016 MS, PSM and PhD Degrees Awarded

Elizabeth A. Balgord, PhD 2015
Triassic to Neogene evolution of the Andean retroarc: Neuquén Basin, Argentina
Barbara Carrapa, advisor

Rebecca L. Beadling, MS 2016
Impact of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in 21st century model projections        
Jianjun Yin, advisor

Christy Marie Caudill, PSM 2015
K-metasomatism as related to manganese and copper deposits in upper-plate Miocene sedimentary units in central-western Arizona
Mark Barton, advisor

April Chiriboga, PhD 2015
Longitudinal Variation in Wood Accumulation along the Stem of Populus grandidentata: Implications for Forest Carbon Monitoring  
Paul Sheppard and Stephen Leavitt, advisors

Jennifer M. Dabbs, MS 2016
Trace element composition of apatite from intrusive rocks in northeastern Nevada, USA    
Mark Barton, advisor

Hayley C. De Witt, PSM 2015
Geology and gold mineralization of the Goldstrike district, Washington county, Utah
Mark Barton, advisor

Andrew S. Early, PSM 2016
Structural reconstruction of the Twin Buttes deposit, Pima County, Arizona
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Hend Ali Ahmed El Sherbiny, MS 2015
Studies in Dendro-Egyptology:  the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research Egyptian wooden collection
Ronald Towner, advisor

Juan F. Fajardo, PSM 2015
Fault-surface restorations and epidote compositions at San Manuel-Kalamazoo porphyry copper deposit, Arizona        
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Daniel A. Favorito, MS 2016
Characterization and reconstruction of Laramide deformation and porphyry-style alteration in the Romero wash-Tecolote ranch area, southeastern Arizona
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Kim V. Fendrich, MS 2016
Redetermination of ruizite,
Robert Downs, advisor

Jhon Sebastian Jimenez Rodriguez, MS 2015
Re-Os geochronology and Pb isotopic data in black shales and heavy oils from petroleum basins in the Colombian Andes        
Joaquin Ruiz, advisor

Clinton D. Koch, MS 2015
Morphology, timing, and nature of magmatism on the Guinea Plateau: insights from 3-D seismic data     
Roy Johnson, advisor

Ryan J. Leary, PhD 2015
Post-collisional evolution of the India-Asia suture zone: basin development, paleogeography, paleoaltimetry, and paleoclimate
Peter DeCelles, advisor

Kendra Elizabeth Murray,  PhD 2016
Interpreting low-temperature thermochronology in magmatic terranes: modeling and case studies from the Colorado Plateau          
Peter Reiners, advisor

Sean Patrick O'Neal,  PSM 2015
Characterization of two centers of porphyry-style cu-(mo) alteration in the western Superior mining district, Arizona
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Jill Onken, PhD 2015
Late quaternary climatic geomorphology, volcanism, and geoarchaeology of Carrizo wash, Little Colorado River headwaters, USA       
Vance T. Holliday, advisor

Devon Anne Orme, PhD 2015
Basin evolution and exhumation of the Xigaze forearc and Indusyarlung suture zone, Tibet
Barbara Carrapa, advisor

Christian A. Rathkopf, PSM 2015
Distribution of rhenium concentrations in molybdenite among hydrothermal ore deposits
Mark Barton, advisor

Intan N. Yokelson, MS 2016
Crustal architecture of the southern Coast Mountains batholith in British Columbia: Insight from U-Pb and Hf isotope geochemistry 
George Gehrels, advisor