David Dettman | Native Americans on the shores of the Gulf of California

Work continues on the use of marine food resources in the Puerto Peñasco area. Extensive shell middens reveal thousands of years of both shellfish harvesting and fishing in the north east corner of the Gulf of California. This work has been lead by Mike Foster (Western Cultural Resource Management) and Douglas Mitchell (PaleoWest Archaeology), with the assistance of David Dettman, Gary Hucklebury, and Karin Adams.

Foster, M.S., D.R. Mitchell, G. Huckleberry, and D.L. Dettman, 2008, Observations on the archaeology of the Puerto Peñasco area of northern Sonora, Mexico, KIVA: The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History, v. 73, pp. 263-290. (PDF)

Dettman, David and Huckleberry, Gary, 2008, Hohokam snowbirds: Archaeology, geochemistry, and seasonality in the Puerto Peñasco region, University of Arizona Geosciences Newsletter, Vol 13. 2., pp 6 - 7.

 Murex Midden fish otoliths and shell
Murex Midden (left), fish otoliths and shell (right)

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