Meet our Programs: IMR Geoscience Teacher Symposium

Teachers drink through straws a part of a lesson on viscosityAt the IMR Geoscience Teacher Symposium, Geosciences graduate students teach middle school teachers the scientific knowledge and hands-on activities needed to make geosciences come alive in their classrooms.

"I will sum up the day in one statement, which I have said to a number of teachers at (my school) today: 'I have never spent, in my nearly 72 years, a more fruitful day. It was most educational. It was most dynamic'—Each presenter is to be commended on their obvious in-depth knowledge, vigor/enthusiasm, and engaging presentation skills."

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The 2012 IMR Geosciece Teacher Symposium was composed of the following topics and lessons:

Using Google Earth and GeoMapApp to teach tectonics (Kate Metcalf, instructor)

Volcanoes and Viscosity (Kat Compton, instructor)

Cloud in a Bottle: The relationship between pressure and temperature (Sarah Dasher, instructor)

Using streamboxes to study erosion, running streams, delta formation and more (Caitlin Orem, instructor)

Mineral Resources: How exploration companies look for copper and what makes a deposit mine-able (Molly Dendas, instructor)

An all-group production of Tectonic Petrameter, led by creator and performer Esther Posner

The 2012 symposium was sponsored by the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources, Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA), the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, and the Department of Geosciences.

"I believe you have developed the best one-day program going."
3 teachers gathered around streambox observing erosion