Recent Field Trips

Two students using picks on rock face National Parks: A Window Through Earth's Geological Processes (Honors) (Geos 240)
Barbara Carrapa
Northern Arizona, Fall 2017

Paleontology (Geos 308)
Nan Schmidt
Snyder Hill, Tucson, Fall 2017

Historical Geology (Geos 255)
Jessica Kapp
Lava River Cave and the Grand Canyon, Spring 2017

Historical Geology (Geos 255)
Barbara Carrapa
Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon, Spring 2016

ConocoPhillips-UA Geosciences Southern Utah field trip
Spring 2016

Ocean Sciences (Geos 412)
Julia Cole and Jessica Tierney
Southern California, Spring 2016

Paleontology (Geos 308)
Karl Flessa and Nan Schmidt
Paul Spur, near Bisbee, AZ, Fall 2015

Principles of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (Geos 302)
Barbara Carrapa
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Fall 2015

Physical Geology (Geos 251)
Phil Stokes
Mt. Lemmon, Summer 2015

SESS Club Trip
Grand Canyon, Fall 2014

Introduction to Paleontology (Geos 308)
Karl Flessa and Nan Schmidt,
Snyder Hill, Fall 2014

Introduction to Dendrochronology (Geos 439A)
Valerie Trouet,
Mount Lemmon, Fall 2014

Structural Geology (Geos 304)
Paul Kapp
Tucson Mountains, Fall 2014

A Sense of Place (Geos 195)
Paul Sheppard and Gary Huckleberry,
Mt. Lemmon, Spring 2014

Ocean Sciences (Geos 412)
Andy Cohen and Julia Cole,
Southern California, Spring 2014

Stratigraphy & Sedimentation (Geos 302)
Andy Cohen, Southern California, Fall 2013

Historical Geology (Geos 255)
Barbara Carrapa,Grand Canyon, April 2013

Friday@ Five: Glen Canyon, Petrified Forest, Sunset Crater
Karl Flessa, April, 2013

Regional Structural Geology: Happy Valley, AZ
Paul Kapp, December, 2012

Regional Structural Geology: Gailuro Mountains, AZ
Paul Kapp, October, 2012

Regional Structural Geology: Colossal Cave, AZ
Paul Kapp, October, 2012

Introduction to Paleontology (Geos 308):  Paul Spur Paleo Reef, near Bisbee, AZ
Karl Flessa, Nancy Schmidt, October, 2012

Regional Structural Geology/Thrust Belts and Orogenic Systems/Sedimentary Basin Analysis: Salt Lake City area, UT
Paul Kapp, Peter DeCelles, Barbara Carrapa, September/October, 2012

2012 Grand Canyon Trip for Incoming Graduate Students
August, 2012

Historical Geology (Geos 255)
Barbara Carrapa, spring 2012, Grand Canyon, April 28-30

SAGUARO Spring Break 2012
Adventures in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona

Paleolimnology and Limnogeology, Bouse Formations trip
Andy Cohen, spring 2012, southwestern Arizona near California border

Field Studies in Geomorphology
Jon Pelletier, spring 2012, southwestern Nevada

Kartchner Caverns
Julia Cole and Sarah Truebe, January 2012

Advanced Physical Sedimentology,
Peter Decelles, September 2011

2011 Grand Canyon Trip for Incoming Graduate Students