Isotope Analytical Methods

Parameter When Method Reference Instrument Analytical Prec (2sigma) Standards

delta18O (water) Pre1996 Equilibration with CO2 + IRMS Craig (1957) VG602C 0.11 0.08 SMOW, VSMOW, SLAP *
  Post1996 As above, automated   Finnigan Delta S    

deltaD Pre1998 Zn reduction + IRMS Coleman et al. (1982) VG602 1.5-2.0‰ SMOW, VSMOW, SLAP *
  Post1998 Cr reduction, automated +IRMS Gehre et al. (1996) Finnigan Delta S 0.9‰  

delta34S Pre2001 Cu2O reduction + IRMS Coleman and Moore (1978) VG602C Thermo 0.13‰ OGS 1,
NBS 127
  Post2001 Combustion in O2 + CFIRMS   Finnigan Delta Plus + Costech Element Analyzer 0.13‰  

3H   Electrolytic enrichment + liquid scintillation counting Theodórsson (1996) Quantulus
DL = 0.6
to 0.9 TU
NIST SRM 4361 B, C

14C   Liquid scintillation counting on benzene Polach et al. (1973) Quantulus
DL = 1-2
Oxalic Acid I
    AMS     DL = 0.2 pMC Oxalic Acid I, II

18O (sulfate)   Reduction to CO + CFIRMS   Thermo Finnigan Delta Plus + TCEA 0.3% OGS 1


  • IRMS = Isotope ratio mass spectrometry
  • CFIRMS = Continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometry
  • DL = detection limit
  • * see Coplen et al, 1995


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