What do Geoscientists Do?

Geosciences.... Consider the Challenge!

Although a great amount has been learned about the Earth, much more is yet to be discovered. Geoscience is everywhere. Geoscientists:

A volcano photographed from above
Study and help mitigate volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and landslides



Cave interior with underground lake


Discover and help develop groundwater supplies, construction materials, mineral ores, and fossil fuels


View of Earth from space


Explore new ideas about the natural world from the core of the Earth, to the the depths of the oceans, to the outer reaches of space


Model of a molecule
Study physical and chemical processes in order to understand the origin and distribution of resources


Lush pine forest with sunlight streaming through trees

Provide scientific counsel and advice on preserving the environment, improving ecologically damaged areas, and determining the environmental impact of land development


2 geoscientists working on a laptop outside in Nepal surrounded by a group of on-lookers.

Work with people, data, information, ideas, and technology in the field and in the laboratory


Graduate student takes sample from rock overhang

General Information About the Geosciences Field and Careers

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