Economic Geology Course Offerings

Upcoming: Porphyry Deposits (Dec. 7-16, 2004)
Past: Fe-oxide(-Cu-Au) deposits, Leached capping interpretation

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES:  346 (Mineral & Energy Res.) / 433 (Mine Inv. Analysis) / 434A (Expl. Seism.) / 437 (Min. Econ.) / 446 (Econ. Min. Dep.) / 448 (Geoph. Expl. & Eng.)

GRADUATE COURSES: 528 (Geol. Char. Ore Occur.) / 533 (Mine Inv. Analysis) / 534A (Expl. Seism.) / 537 (Min. Econ.) / 546 (Econ. Min. Dep.) / 548 (Geoph. Expl. & Eng.) / 596B (Seminar in Econ. Geol.) / 646A (Adv. Ore Dep.)

Related advanced level courses in Department of Geosciences: Intro. to Geochem., Adv. Structural Geol., Volcanology, Chem. Evol. of the Earth, Adv. Petrology, Orogenic Systems, Physical Geochem.

Additional related in courses in Departments of Mining & Geological Engineering, Hydrology & Water Resources, Planetary Sciences, and Geography

Short Courses / Workshops

Porphyry Deposits  December 7-16, 2004 (Eric Seedorff & others)

Fe-Oxide(-Cu-Au) Deposits (M.D. Barton and D.A. Johnson)
Leached Capping Interpretation (S.R. Titley & M.S. Enders)

Undergraduate only
GEOS 346 -- Mineral and Energy Resources  (3 units)
Description:  History of the impact of minerals and metals on development of society and civilization, uniqueness of resources, current situation and problems.
Prerequisite(s):  junior standing.
Usually offered:  Spring. Top
Graduate / undergraduate (cross listed)
GEOS 433/533 -- Mine Investment Analysis  (3 units)
Description:  Economic factors, including taxation, mineral depletion allowance, and finance in the mining industry; includes fundamentals of engineering economics, capital budgeting, and risk analysis.
Usually offered:  Fall. Top
GEOS 434A/534A -- Introduction to Exploration Seismology  (3 units)
Description:  Fundamental theory of seismic wave propagation, and techniques of seismic reflection and refraction data acquisition and interpretation applied to exploration of the Earth's lithospheric structure and natural resources. Study of methods to image the crust in 2-D and 3-D.
Prerequisite(s):  MATH 124, MATH 129.
Usually offered:  Fall. Top
GEOS 437/537 -- Economics of Mineral Resource Development and Production  (3 units)
Description:  Concepts and methods of mineral economics; analyses of selected mineral and energy commodities, current economic and political issues, and investment strategies in selected mineral industries.
Usually offered:  Spring. Top
GEOS 446/546 -- Economic Mineral Deposits  (3 units)
Description:  Geology of metallic and nonmetallic ore deposits. Economic considerations, processes of formation, methods of study and exploration, and description of geologic aspects and settings of representative worldwide examples.
Course includes 1 or more field trips.
Prerequisite(s):  GEOS 304, GEOS 306.
Usually offered:  Spring. Top
GEOS 448/548 -- Geophysical Exploration and Engineering  (3 units)
Description:  Principles of gravity, magnetic, seismic and electrical exploration; acquisition and interpretation of data to define geologic structure and evaluate resources.
Prerequisite(s):  PHYS 141, PHYS 241, MATH 223.
Identical to:  G EN 448; G EN is home department.
Usually offered:  Fall. Top
Graduate only
GEOS 528 -- Geologic Characteristics of Ore Occurrence  (3 units)
Description:  Geological, geochemical and geophysical signatures of ore occurrence at the scales of tectonic settings, provinces, district mines.
Prerequisite(s):  or Concurrent registration, GEOS 446 or GEOS 546.
Usually offered:  Fall. Top
GEOS 596B -- Economic Geology  (1-4 units)
Description:  The development and exchange of scholarly information, usually in a small group setting. The scope of work shall consist of research by course registrants, with the exchange of the results of such research through discussion, reports, and/or papers.
May be repeated:  for a total of 6 units of credit.
Usually offered:  Fall, Spring. Top
GEOS 646A -- Advanced Ore Deposit Geology  (4 units)
Description:  Geology, characteristics and origins of ore deposits in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Laboratories include field trips, analytical techniques, problem solving.
Course includes 1 or more field trips.
Prerequisite(s):  GEOS 446 or GEOS 546.
Usually offered:  Fall. Top

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