Faculty Mentoring Program | Participating Faculty Members

Photo of Susan Beck
Susan Beck

Photo of Barbara Carrapa
Barbara Carrapa

Photo of Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen (Climate/Paleo/Sed) 

Photo of George Davis
George Davis (Structure/Tectonics/Any*)

Photo of Peter DeCelles
Peter DeCelles

Photo of Paul Goodman
Paul Goodman
(Atmosphere/Climate/Any*) [Spr2018]

Photo of Chris Harig
Chris Harig

Paul Kapp (Structure/Tectonics)
Photo of Jess Kapp
Jess Kapp
Photo of Frank Mazdab
Frank Mazdab



Photo of Luke McGuire
Luke McGuire (Geomorph/Math/Planetary)
Photo of Jon Pelletier
Jon Pelletier
Photo of Peter Reiners
Peter Reiners (Geochem/Thermochron)


Photo of Eric Seedorff
Eric Seedorff

(Economic geology)


Photo of Ji Yeon Shin
Ji Yeon Shin

* Consider contacting one of the faculty who are listed as “Any” if you do not know what area of Geosciences or what sub-plan you are interested in pursuing.