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About the IMR

MapThe Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources (IMR) at the University of Arizona has been created to advance scientific, technological and educational aspects of mineral discovery, extraction and processing, including the environmental and societal issues that accompany these processes.  The initial enabling grant that permits the IMR to pursue this mission is “Sustainable Development of Critical Earth Materials” funded by Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) and several industry partners. 


The specific goals of this partnership are to build long-term capacity for research and education in the sustainable development of mineral resources and to pursue research projects that address major challenges in sustainable resource development. The IMR will:

  • Facilitate and sustain education and research
  • Eliminate impediments to working with external sponsors and constituents
  • Foster adoption of new ideas, policy, and technology
  • Train professionals who can solve divergent problems


The enduring themes of inquiry for the IMR include:

  • Resources
  • Technology
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility
  • Health and Safety
  • Policy and Economics
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