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Welcome to the GSAT Group of the Geosciences Department at the University of Arizona. Our research focuses on understanding the structure and active tectonic processes associated with megathrusts, mountain building, subduction, and strike-slip boundaries using passive broadband seismology. Our current research is concentrated on the South America, the western US, Japan, and Turkey.

Turkey, 2013 - Huddle test before CD-CAT deployment (Susan Beck)
Bolivia, 2011 - CAUGHT Team in the Bolivian Andes during service run (Susan Beck)
Turkey, 2013 - Installed CD-CAT seismic station (Susan Beck)
Ecuador, 2016 - Damage in Pedernales following M7.8 off the coast on 16 April 2016 (Susan Beck)
Turkey, 2013 - Researcher Berk Biryol and Ph.D. student Jonathan Delph installing a CD-CAT station (Susan Beck)
Peru, 2012 - Artisans selling bracelets at ruins outside of Cusco (Susan Beck)
Ecuador, 2016 - Damage in Pedernales, Ecuador following M7.8 off the coast on 16 April 2016 (Susan Beck)
Peru, 2014 - Scenic view in the Peruvian Andes near Cusco (Susan Beck)
Ecuador, 2016 - Researcher Rob Porritt burying a sensor barrel for the Ecuador RAMP install (Susan Beck)
Bolivia, 2012 - Nevado Sajama, the highest peak in Bolivia (Kevin Ward)
Ecuador, 2016 - Researcher Rob Porritt and team after successfully installing an Ecuador RAMP station (Susan Beck)
Washington, 2014 - The iMUSH team (Eric Kiser)
Washington, 2014 - iMush nodes ready to deploy (Eric Kiser)
Washington, 2014 - Mt. St. Helens (Eric Kiser)